Business Develoment Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

Strategic Planning


 Blaye consultants provide a comprehensive approach to work with your Senior Management to develop a business development strategy and implementation plan that is efficient and effective within your specific corporate strengths and limitations. We provide a strategy that focuses on your corporate capabilities, experience, and available resources to develop a long-term strategy and short/mid-term operational plan. 

Capture Management


Blaye works with our customers to build a detailed Capture Plan that establishes the framework for the schedule, objectives, resources, and budget for capture and proposal development activities. Our consultants provide the leadership, structure, and hands-on effort to create and execute a strategic win plan custom tailored to your strengths, needs, and unique organizational culture. 

Solution Development


Our solution development services are an integral part of winning proposals. Blaye's consultants will provide the technical expertise and drive the critical activities to shape your capabilities and solutions to present a value proposition that addresses your clients specific requirements. The results lead to proposals customized to apply your strengths and capabilities to the clients requirements.   

Proposal Development


 Blaye’s Proposal Development services provide the right mix of capabilites required to develop creative and innovative responses to Federal solicitations. Our unique combination of technical background, strategic analysis skills,  and persuasive writing capabilities transform your winning technical solution into a comprehensive, compliant, concise, and persuasive document that clearly messages the value of your solution and significantly increases your win possibility.  

Pricing Support


Blaye's consultants provide experience developing pricing strategies and proposal responses to the full breadth of proposal pricing structures. We provide experience with FFP, CPFF, and T&M pricing structures. This experience has been successfully applied to IDIQ, Task Order, and stand alone contracts. Our expertise addresses pricing, price justification, and supporting mat and